Learn how to be happy with yourself and the others

PROGRAM  “LEARN HOW TO BE HAPPY WITH YOURSELF AND THE OTHERS ” – a personal development interactive program for children between 5 and 12 years old that contains games, stories and funny activities . This program will run on Saturday from 10.00 to 11.00 a.m. at Orhideea Kids , Calea Plevnei 145B, 6 district Bucharest.

Parents  and teachers  can encourage personal growth in children by being supportive and allowing them the freedom to experience new things. Along with positive reinforcement, children need positive role models in their lives to respect and emulate. We believe teachers play a key role in helping a child’s psychological development, and act as mentors. Building self-esteem is a fundamental aspect of personal development  in children, because a good self-image helps a child succeed.

Our  program  is designed to help children  achieve their goals through self-discipline and self-confidence , encouraging imagination and creativity. We also help children manage with stress and anger being involved in therapeutic strategies that allow them to overcome excess feelings of anger and to not act upon destructive impulses that anger may cause. We also incorporate in our program  relaxation techniques, which can help children to diffuse anger.

Every day thousands of children  wake up afraid to go to school. Bullying is a problem that affects millions of students, and it has everyone worried, not just the kids on its receiving end. Yet because parents, teachers, and other adults don’t always see it, they may not understand how extreme bullying can get. A strong sense of self-respect, combined with a basic respect for others, can help your children avoid and prevent bullying.

We help your children to learn how to make smart choices and take action when they feel hurt or see another child being bullied. We start this program both in Romanian and English language and we believe that using our games, stories and other funny activities we make sure that is an effective way to learn new words and phrases and internalize grammar.


REGISTRATION  – 1 to 22 September 2017


23, 30 September  2017 ; 7,14,21 October 2017 – cost 200 lei/student

MODULE 2 – Me and my world “. Communication and creativity in relationships. Conflict management. The roles of child in the family, in society, kindergarten / school, or a group of friends.

11,18,25 November 2017; 9,16 December 2017 – cost 200 lei/student

MODULE 3 – Needs and desires. Plan my desires.

20, 27 January 2018 ; 17, 24 February  2018 – cost 160 lei/student

MODULE 4 – Developing Self-confidence. Ways to manage and counter external aggression (verbal, physical, emotional).

3,10,17, 24 March  2018 ; 14, 21 April  2018 – cost- 240 lei/student

MODULE 5 – Anger management. Behavior and master control my anger.

28 April 2018 ; 5,12,19  May 2018 ; 2,9 June 2018 – cost 200 lei/student

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